Invitation to the CKHAS Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Networking night

You are cordially invited to attend the 2016 Calgary Korean Health Advocacy Society (CKHAS) Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Networking night.
When: Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016 @ 7pm
Where: Calgary Korean Community Centre (7008 Farrell Road SE)
Please find background information about the AGM, and our organization below if you would like to learn more.
You can RSVP by November 20th using this link:

We will be looking forward to seeing you there!


*What is Calgary Korean Health Advocacy Society (CKHAS) and what are our goals as a non-profit organization?
Calgary Korean Health Advocacy Society (CKHAS) is a non-profit organization established in November of 2015 by the people who successfully held the 1st Calgary Korean Health Fair (CKHF) in 2015.

*Inheriting the goals of the 1st CKHF, the goals of CKHAS are:

1. Help Calgarians to better understand available health and wellness related information and services, and to help them to learn about their common health issues (Education)
2. To provide the services related to health and wellness (Serve)
3. To provide networking opportunities to exchange knowledge and build connections (Network).

*What is an Annual General Meeting (AGM) and why was I invited?

An annual general meeting (AGM) is a meeting of the general membership of an organization. Normally at this meeting, organizations inform members of previous and future activities, accounts, review activities from the past year and it is also time to answer any questions regarding directions that will take in the future.

You were invited because either you have volunteered with us at any of our past health fairs, or have expressed interests in joining in as a member to our organization. You will have a chance to hear about what we have done as an organization in the past year, what is in planning and also time to ask questions about our visions and objectives. You will also have a chance to join as a general member of CKHAS if you are interested.
We will have light snack available for people to network after the AGM.

*Why would I be interested in joining in as a member of CKHAS?

If you join us as a member you will:
1. Be invited to our events such as health fair, networking events, workshops and more
2. Have access to our new website where you will be able to use as a platform to interact with other members and get information about upcoming events as well as community events, health and wellness
3. Be able to volunteer at any of our events and be recognized with a certification
4. Be able to voice out ideas and concerns regarding our organization’s activities and planning
5. Be able to join as a planning committee if interested*
6. Be able to support a community that is aiming to better health and wellbeing of fellow Calgary Koreans

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at
Thank you!