The 2020 Virtual Calgary Korean Health Fair was a success!

Thank you to all participants and presenters who provided us with invaluable health information.

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Free AHS courses for adults with ongoing COVID-19 symptoms
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Free AHS courses for adults with ongoing COVID-19 symptoms

9 June 2021 0
Vaping Workshop
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Vaping Workshop

12 February 2020 0
What do you think the above items do?   These are commonly seen items in kids’ backpacks.. have you ever wondered?   Have you ever looked away because it has no color, no scent, and not a cigarette?   Are you used to the chronic usage as
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What does CKHAS do

CKHAS is a non-profit organization that provides health and wellness related services to Koreans in Calgary and surrounding area.


To Help Calgarians to better understand available health- and wellness-related information and services, and to help them to learn about their common health issues


To provide the services related to health and wellness


To provide networking opportunities to exchange knowledge and build connections

Calgary Korean Health Fair 2021

CKHF continues in 2021. 코비드-19 팬데믹으로 인해 건강이 어느 때 보다도 중요해진 요즘, 올해에도 헬스 페어를 다양한 주제로 개최할 계획입니다.

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We are Recruiting Volunteers!

Actively recruiting enthusiastic volunteers at Calgary Korean Health Advocacy Society.  
Please contact us through the link below if you are interested in helping out in the health fair matter, event planning, and Society’s businesses.